October 25, 1915 -- October 25, 2015 
      All are invited to share with the parishioners of St. John the Baptist Parish this wonderful milestone of a one hundredth year as a people of God serving the communities of Plum and Penn Hills. We particularly invite former parishioners who keep up on parish activities from miles away. God has indeed blessed us.  As the parish leadership looks to the future, it also uses this year as a springboard to a future of evangelization that is of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways.

Our next Centennial events are listed below. For complete information on these events, 
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                       PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN - 

      St. John’s is among the leaders among diocesan parishes in assuring that any adult in contact with children when at the parish has received his or her state clearance AND has attended the Protecting God’s Children Workshop. We’re proud of this as it shows parents and adults are concerned for the safety of our children. Two immediate concerns now confront us:

1) The assurance of individuals receiving their five-year update;

2) New parents of children in our school, preschool, CCD program, and our Youth Ministry Program are fulfilling these obligations. The same is true of adults wishing to become involved in any ministry at St. John’s.

Those needing updated, or those for whom this is the first time, should contact Bonnie Welsh at the parish office (412-793-4511) during office hours Wednesday through Friday.






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Mon May 25 2015
Mon May 25 2015
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Tue May 26 2015
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