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                                PUTTING EVERYTHING INTO GEAR


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As the summer winds down, St. John’s is revving up for what looks like an unbelievable year of faith formation, of renewal, and of growth as God’s people set apart with a unique and vital role in the building up of God’s Kingdom. Here’s some of what is happening just within the next few weeks:

CHRISTLIFE — THE NEW EVANGELIZATION — Click here to learn of these sessions.

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL OPENS THIS WEEK —  Go to the SJB School Link on this page.

ADDICTION AWARENESS — Click here to learn of this new ministry beginning at St. John’s.

HEARING IMPAIRED — Click here for an update on an advanced system called “The Loop.”

RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION (RCIA) — Adult Sacramental Reception? Go to Faith Formation on tool bar above.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR TEENS — Hit the Teen tab to the left for all the details. Begins Sept. 5.


                                        PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN -
                                      CREATING A SAFE ENVIRONMENT

      St. John’s is among the leaders among diocesan parishes in assuring that any adult in contact with children when at the parish has received his or her state clearance AND has attended the Protecting God’s Children Workshop. We’re proud of this as it shows parents and adults are concerned for the safety of our children. Two immediate concerns now confront us:

1) The assurance of individuals receiving their five-year update;

2) New parents of children in our school, preschool, CCD program, and our Youth Ministry Program are fulfilling these obligations. The same is true of adults wishing to become involved in any ministry at St. John’s.

Those needing updated, or those for whom this is the first time, should contact Bonnie Welsh at the parish office (412-793-4511) during office hours Wednesday through Friday.




In the past year we’ve celebrated the sacrament of Eucharist with two non-verbal children with learning disabilities. Emma lives with many disabilities and difficulties, including the inability to swallow. Tommy is an active nine-year-old who lives with autism. Both know the Lord and respond in their own ways to Jesus. So when they came to celebrate this most special sacrament they told us how special it is. Their eyes lit up and their smiles were enormous.

Parents with a child living with physical or learning disabilities are invited to contact Fr. Tom at the parish office, or Mrs. Jane Nayyar in the Religious Education Office (412-795-6753).




      St. John’s will secure a table for ten at the annual Diocesan Dinner for the Chimbote Mission to be held on Thursday, October 16, at the Sheraton Station Square.  Please contact Deacon Tim Noca, who just returned from a trip from Peru and the Chimbote Mission, or Fr. Tom.  Individual tickets are $120.


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